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Begin Your Agency's Transformation with Best Practices

At The Marketing Center of Excellence, we help agencies employ best-practices to improve internal business processes, customer-centricity, market leadership, and market innovation.

A marketing organization that is serious about driving a consistent approach needs to establish and document a set of practices and standards that drive performance and the ability to achieve scale.

This is essentially the work of a CoE:

  • Define a common set of best-practices and work standards.
  • Guide and assist—either directly or through instructional content, tools, templates, etc.—in the implementation of those best-practices and work standards.
  • Develop a governance process for those practices and standards.

The Marketing CoE will focus on…

  • Producing a monthly podcast with interviews of industry leaders and subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Defining digital marketing methodologies and best-practices 
  • Providing insights into technology tools and resources that can help agencies deliver better outcomes
  • Selecting and providing expertise in the agency’s business and marketing technology stack

Who's Behind The MCOE?

Here’s a quick introduction to our founders and hosts:

Lane A. Houk

Lane A. Houk started his own digital agency in 2010 and transitioned to a white-label agency in 2019. Lane is also the co-founder of Signal Genesys, a white label content marketing,  digital PR and signal generation engine designed for digital agencies and SEO companies.

Matt Henry joined Lane as a business partner in 2014 in the digital agency and now leads the software development team and innovation at Signal Genesys. Matt brings a wealth of experience from the printing and tech industries. 

Lyn Askin is the mastermind behind Raxxar Digital Marketing. He has nearly two decades of experience in online marketing helping businesses to reach their maximum potential through a variety of campaigns and strategies.

A Huge Community of Industry Leaders, Agency Owners & Marketers who are on the top of their game!

Behind the creators of the MCoE is a huge community of marketers and agency owners who share their successes, their challenges and their best practices while also all benefitting from a cooperative Marketing Center of Excellence platform! We are members of the best masterminds in the industry!

The Marketing Center of Excellence Community

Are you an industry though leader or subject matter expert? We would love to interview you!

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About Us

The Marketing Center of Excellence (MCoE) is a community of independent marketing agency owners that collaborate and provide leadership, best practices, research, support, training, software and digital technology to help community members drive performance and scale their respective agencies.

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