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What is a COE?

Agility and Centers of Excellence (CoE) go hand-in-hand:

Agility. Forrester defines business agility as “the quality that allows an enterprise to embrace market and operational changes as a matter of routine.” For an organization to be agile, its infrastructure (processes, systems, and tools) needs to be designed for agility. Organizations that achieve agility excel at fostering and leveraging best practices.

Excellence. The quality of being eminently good. To be excellent is to excel, to go beyond the limit. Celestine Chua of The Personal Excellence Blog says that o realize excellence
you have to want it, believe you can do it, benchmark against and learn from the best, have a strategy and plan, and most importantly be willing to work really hard.

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The Marketing Center of Excellence (MCoE) is a community of independent marketing agency owners that collaborate and provide leadership, best practices, research, support, training, software and digital technology to help community members drive performance and scale their respective agencies.

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